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Draco Electronics has the capability to manufacture both large and small volume products, satisfying your mass production or prototyping need. Check out our quick-turn prototyping service here.

While our Fremont CA office can handle orders of hundreds, the larger volume orders take place at our offshore manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan.



Our machine cuts and strips wires at the same time, with cut length accuracy up to 0.01mm.

For finer cable, such as 32~46awg micro coax, laser cutting machine will be used to remove outer jacket. The high precision allows the shielding to remain undamaged.


Each terminal/contact gets a custom engineered die set to use with our crimping machine, ensuring that every crimp quality meets the manufacturer's specification.

Semi-automatic and fully automatic crimping are available depending on the complexity of your product.


Our soldering station with up to 0.1mm solder tip provides the finest soldering capability for your RF and solder cup connectors.

IPEX connectors, LVDS cables, and other board to board cables, use hot bar soldering machine for excellent solder quality and repeatability.

micro coax solder.png


Electrical and mechanical test are available upon request:

   1. Terminal pull force(default)

   2. Continuity(Pin to Pin)

   3. Bending cycle

   4. Hipot test

   5. Temperature and humidity chamber

   6. RF Cable testing up to 20GHz



Our proprietary automation lines were engineered to handle large volume products, minimizing human error and labor effort. 

Products are made from start to finish on the automation line: stripping, cutting, tinning, soldering,.. etc. They are done at the same time without manual station traveling.

Fully automation line.png

Check out our product page for overmolding, SMT, and more. If you have any question or inquiry, please contact us.

Wire Cutting
Automation Line
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