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Looking for a quick design validation? Draco Electronics in Fremont CA is set up to satisfy the fast pace of the silicon valley.  The optimized document processing and production flow give our customer the top quality products and speed. From receiving orders to shipping out products takes us 2 days to 1 week depending of the complexity. 

Check out our product page for more information or contact us for any inquiry.




Unlike other manufacturing companies, the optimized  process at Draco Electronics allows the order to bypass unnecessary steps and miscellaneous approvals. 

On the other hand, our advanced MRP system provides a clear picture of order statuses and material scheduling, giving us the ability to turn orders around with speed and consistency. 



Our list of certified vendors are here to support us with our quick turn service. Most parts can be pulled in overnight and be assembled on the next day.


All of our products and materials are lot coded to ensure the quality and traceability.

Warehouse Shelves from Above



Our experienced engineers and technicians work together to generate the assembly steps, tooling lists, and set up machines.

Product then flows through the production line to be completed. check out our manufacturing page for more detailed information.

Optimized Process
Material Procurement
Manufacturing / Prototyping
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